Earthquake Insurance

An earthquake can leave devastation in its wake. It only takes a few seconds to do a great amount of damage. That it is why it’s important for people who live in earthquake zones to have adequate insurance coverage.

What is Earthquake Insurance?

Earthquake insurance pays the policyholder if an earthquake causes damage to their property or belongings. It is separate from regular homeowners’ insurance. Regular insurance does not cover damage caused by an earthquake. In order to get coverage for an earthquake, then the homeowner must specifically request earthquake insurance.

Most earthquake insurance policies carry a high deductible. This may be beneficial if your home sustains a great deal of damage, but it will not help in the case of small, minor damages. The insurance will not activate until you go over the premium, which is unlikely to happen with minor damages.

The rates for earthquake insurance depend upon the likelihood of your area having an earthquake. The material with which the home is made affects the price as well. For example, wood can withstand more damage, so you may get a lower rate if your home is mostly made of wood.


Some earthquake insurance policies offer minimal coverage in exchange for a lower premium. Policies that are more in-depth carry higher premiums. Two things to consider when thinking about earthquake insurance coverage include:

– How much would it cost to replace your belongings in the event they perish during the earthquake?
– What additional living expenses would you need if you had to leave your home following the earthquake?

No one likes to think about natural disasters, but they do happen. Having an earthquake insurance policy can save you from financial ruin following the aftermath of an earthquake.