Auto Insurance

American Auto Owners Need Auto Insurance

Any American who owns an automobile must have auto insurance. It is illegal to drive without insurance, and in most cases, you can’t even renew or get a new tag without proof of insurance. Whatever the cause, damage to an insured vehicle can be covered by this type of insurance policy.

There’s no way around it. Anyone driving a vehicle in America must have insurance coverage for that vehicle. Names of people who are legally approved to drive the vehicle should be mentioned on the policy too. People who lease vehicles must also have auto insurance.

Auto insurance is valid for a certain period of time, usually six months or a year. When the term ends, the policyholder must renew the insurance. The policyholder must file a claim when an incident occurs. That person should also have evidence of the event, such as a police report, digital photographs or surveillance videos.

Types of Coverage

Liability is the most basic form of auto insurance. It’s also the least amount of coverage that a person can have and legally drive. Liability covers medical expenses resulting from an accident involving an insured vehicle. No matter who is at fault, liability pays for injuries sustained to all drivers and their passengers. Then there is comprehensive insurance. It covers damage from fire, flooding, storms, and other severe weather. Collision insurance is designed to provide compensation for repairs to a vehicle’s body, chassis, and mechanical components that have been damaged in a crash.


The biggest benefit of auto insurance is that you can legally drive your vehicle. Without coverage, you shouldn’t have your car on the road. In addition, it’s good to know you’ll have financial help following an accident.